Couture Sweet Treats
the ultimate accessory for any event

Couture Sweet Treats & Treasures

Sweets Treats

ou don'ts have to fly to Paris for a Couture creation! Made-to-order we create deliciously moist cupcakes and other treats for any occasion or just because.

For the love of cupcakes and all things pretty my daughters and I began to sweetin up our community one cupcake at a time in 2010. Making our sweets affordable is important so after several years of running a store front we decided to close it and go back to the beginning creating our sweets one order at a time with a phone call or on-line ordering. Business is still booming and with no regrets it frees up time to spend at markets, schools and other events in the community, and we LOVE it.

We mix love with the freshest ingredients to make the perfect treat that will keep
you wanting more. Look around and if you don't see something you want give us a call and we'll make a Couture creation just for you.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

Tell your story with Living Lockets and other custom jewelry. Create one of a kind jewelry and tell your story. Visit or fill-out our contact form and schedule your own jewelry bar for free jewelry.


Vintage Couture is inspired by all this comfy, cottage & glam. We know you'll love our collection of treasures, whether it be a chair, pillow or tea cup. If you have a wish list let us know & we'll keep our eyes open. If not keep your eyes open for new and fun treasures.


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